Find JLab internationally.

We are always happy to ship our awesome products to international customers and want to share the special considerations needed for international shipments.

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International Shipping Considerations

Timing: Depending on your chosen shipping method, most international orders will take between 3-6 weeks to arrive. This will greatly depend on your location and other factors we will go over.

Variations: Depending on time of year and shipping volume, some orders can take more than our projected time frame. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to us at

Tracking: Tracking updates can vary from shipment to shipment. While in the USA, tracking updates should be on time but can vary due to volume and other conditions. Once the shipment has left the USA we will no longer have jurisdiction over your shipment and any shipment inquiries or changes must be done through your local post office directly. Tracking updates outside of the USA will depend solely on your countries shipping procedures.  

Customs Tariffs

At this time we are not able to assess any possible customs import duties that may be required upon receipt. Customs duties and fees will greatly vary from country to country and shipment to shipment thus we would not be able to estimate or charge these fees for purchases made on our website. We highly recommend checking with your local customs office to inquire about any potential taxes or fees that may be due with your shipment. 

Warranty Policy

We, of course, fully extend our warranty policy to all international customers and orders.

All international claims would be subject to the same procedures outlined for our domestic customers and we do require all claimants ship their items to us to be processed. We however would not be able to assess or cover any shipping costs associated with any claims, the clamant would be responsible for shipping costs both ways. Our free shipping only pertains to orders and shipments in the domestic United States using standard shipping methods. 

Our Dream

Every day we dream of having an multi-country, full-service shipping partner that allows people from every country to see their tracking data in real time and get their shipments quicker. But that day is not here yet – and until then we’ll do our best to provide you with all the information we can.

To improve our international service and options, please complete the form below. We’ll contact you if shipping availability/options change and if we expand our product distribution to your region.

If you are based in Europe, please complete this GDPR form: CLICK HERE